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Welcome to Not £2 Grand, the home of making the most out of being a budget motorist, which, on reflection, sounds really cheesy. Sorry about that. Still, there’s a chance you’re probably wondering what this is all about, so let us explain.

We love cars, truly we do. But what we don’t like is the common train of thought that a person must own a new car. Not only that, we’re also sick of the assumption that all cheap cars are crap. They’re not – they’re cheap because new cars are constantly being built and sold.

Cheaper, older cars are not slow and rubbish. Don’t listen to those three blokes who make a farce of buying cheap cars on their motoring show. These cars are gems waiting to be found and enjoyed. They’re out there waiting for you to buy them, and while they might have a few miles on the clock, they’re still going to do their damnedest to provide you with many years of trouble-free motoring.

They’re also not all boring, humdrum, slow, miserable little hatchbacks with 349,000 miles on the clock. There are cars to suit every taste, every job and every desire. The world of cut-price motoring is just as vibrant and varied as the world of new cars.

Fundamentally though, an older car is disposable. And that’s no bad thing. Disposable means you can chop and change to your heart’s content. You’re not tied into a finance agreement, so if you see something else you like, you can have it. There’s a rich, exciting world of cars out there. Cheap motoring is your key to experiencing as much of it as possible.

So, before you go and sign up to a new car which will relieve you of £300 every month for the next three years, have a look around this site.

Have a read, enjoy, and if the mood takes you, tell us what you think either here, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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Some of our past sub £2000 cars to whet your whistle

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