Down in the dumps…

Getting rid of a car back in the day was a different affair.

The old days were a different time, as this charming film about scrap from the people at British Pathe goes to show.

Back then, it seemed that the lack of DVLA meant folk just left their unwanted cars on the streets. This was obviously a problem, so the council started scooping them up and scrapping them. The thing is, there were no ‘end of life’ centres back then. As such, the scrapping process was full of questionable practices like ‘firing’ the cars. That’s setting them on fire to get rid of the interior. You can feel Greenpeace twitch at the thought of it.

You also get to see many people in flat caps rejoice at the arrival of a revolutionary new bit of kit. A car crusher. Though to demonstrate how it works, they fold up a pretty tidy-looking 1936 Buick, which makes for uncomfortable viewing. But hey, it was probably only worth ten bob at the time.

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